Monday, December 31, 2012

My Bucket List

In July, a few months after my world was shattered, I began picking up the pieces and re-shaping my world.  On my birthday, I actually volunteered for a local ultra-marathon. Yup...I know...I lead such an exciting life!  But it actually ended up being a fabulous birthday.  What was supposed to last just a few hours ended up lasting the entire day!  It was during that time that I re-connected with local runner, Gary, who happened to be facing some of the same challenges as me.  After the race, we began chatting and it was during these chats that he challenged me to look at my bucket list and GET STARTED!  And, so I did. Thank you, Gary, for continuing to inspire me to live my life to its fullest!

So, without further ado, here is my Bucket List.  No, this is not a complete list - it is definitely a work in progress. 

~ Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride - DONE! Soooooooooo AMAZING! I'll definitely be posting a recap soon!

~ See the Boston Pops Orchestra live

~ Swim with the manatees

~ Run a marathon

~ Swim under a waterfall

~ Visit Mt. Rushmore

~ Visit each of the United States and eat a cupcake in each one  :)

~ Visit Niagara Falls

~ See a concert at Carnegie Hall

~ Attend the Olympics

~ Travel to Israel

~ Travel to Paris

~ Visit the Grand Canyon

~ See the Northern Lights

~ Go on a cruise


  1. I do believe that we'll be marking off several of these in the near future!

  2. great list!!!! if you need help with any (northern lights? cruise? waterfall? niagara falls?) let me know!

  3. Awesome list! You could come to PA and go to Hershey for that cupcake. :-) You can stay for free, get a state in, AND have a yummy cupcake.

  4. I will be joining you for a few of these :)

  5. I am hoping I can join in with you on some of these! :)

  6. you could cross of two by running the Leading Ladies Marathon with me in South Dakota! :)